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19 Dec

Happy Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and I know GLTU is probably not uppermost in anyone’s mind. However, there is some news I would like to share. First of all, we have two GLTU babies! Clare Thompson (@Clareenough) is now Mum to Zoey and Shayna Conn (@ShaynaC1) to Adi Maple, born on 4th December. Congratulations to both.

Second, plans are afoot for #GLTU7 in January – thanks to discussions with Cathy (@catskearney), Gillian (@gillanhanlon) and Myra (@MyraCPaterson), it has been arranged for Wednesday, 16th January. The intention is to make this a planning meeting for the rest of the year, so please put the date in your diary and come to the Stirling Room at the Mitchell Library from 4.30-5.30pm. We’ll then move on, as before, to eat, drink and be merry (should have recovered from Christmas by then).

More details and a sign-up will follow in the New Year – however, in the meantime, you could give some thought to the following: What sort of events would you like for future GLTUs? What could we do for National Libraries Day? Is a Library Camp Scotland feasible in 2013? Here are some ideas we already thought of – can you do better?

Visits – behind the scenes at the Mitchell; the BBC; Glasgow Women’s Library (again) after it has moved to Bridgeton, combined with the new Bridgeton Public Library; the Panopticon.

NLD – a Twitter quiz; a library flash mob with fliers to hand out and (possibly) a sponsor; something charitable, e.g. raising money for the project in Peru that Michael Charlton (@sololibrarian) worked with.

Comments on the above and additional ideas are very welcome – you can leave a comment here, email me or tweet @AnabelMarsh. And of course, please do come along on the 16th. This time last year GLTU did not exist – in 2012 we had six events, so here’s to being bigger and better in 2013. All the best to everyone for the holiday season, and see you next year.


2 Responses to “GLTU news”

  1. Kimberly Bryce December 19, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    I’ve missed all the previous ones having just heard about this in June, but I’ll definately try to come to this one!


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