Notes from #GLTU7

23 Jan

For the first GLTU of 2013, thirteen people came to the Mitchell last Wednesday for a lively discussion about future plans. We talked about the possibility of running a Library Camp in Scotland, for which there was definite enthusiasm, and discussed ideas for more GLTUs. A few suggestions were added to those already put forward in the previous post i.e. Cornton Vale, Scottish Parliament (SPICe) and Glasgow School of Art (Mackintosh Library) and most people said they found the current pattern of a late afternoon meeting followed by a social event easiest to attend. Watch this space for news on both these topics.


As it is coming up on 9th February, and therefore urgent, we spent most of the time on National Libraries Day. Again, some ideas had already been proposed and a library flash mob attracted interest and discussion, with some people enthusiastic and others not! However, it was agreed that there wasn’t time to organise one before NLD anyway, but we might pursue it for a future books / libraries celebration. Ken (@iusedtobealibra) suggested a collection of contemporary stories about Scottish libraries making a difference to people’s lives, both public and other e.g. academic / special. Similar things have been done elsewhere, e.g. Voices for the Library and Let’s Talk Libraries (Newcastle), which could serve as models, and we might also explore other online initiatives such as a week in the life of a library (see face Book for an example) or a Fifty people One Question video (multiple examples if you Google it). Again, it was agreed that we couldn’t do this in time for NLD and if we were to build up an online resource advocating for libraries we would need the support of CILIPS, plus people with relevant skills. (Cathy – @kearneycath – has since confirmed that CILIPS will be supportive, particularly as the President’s theme for 2013 is “Making a difference”.) On NLD itself, we can start by tweeting about the many activities going on in libraries, including photographs where possible, and if we set our own hashtag in addition to #NLD13 these can be preserved, e.g. as a Storify, and used to launch the wider idea. Catriona Stewart has written a supportive article about libraries in the Herald and might be willing give us some publicity. So how does this affect YOU? Well, if this is to succeed, we will need everyone to help, both by tweeting on the day (or the week running up to the 9th) and by spreading the word to colleagues, family and friends who could also tweet about their use of libraries. More information will follow very soon.

After all that talking, some of us had built up an appetite! Eight of us trooped off to the Koh-I-Noor and enjoyed an excellent curry to round off the evening.


3 Responses to “Notes from #GLTU7”

  1. The Victorian Librarian January 24, 2013 at 10:48 am #

    Sounds like a very productive session. I am going to the London Library Camp at Senate House in March, so I will keep notes and send them on to you if that would help in the setting up of a Glasgow version. Are any of you coming down to the London one?


    • Anabel Marsh January 24, 2013 at 11:12 am #

      That would be useful, thanks Kathleen. I don’t know of anyone coming down to London so it would be good to hear how things go.



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    […] online resource advocating for libraries – the full report of what we are planning is on the GLTU blog. Opinions and ideas are welcome, whether or not you are from Scotland. For example, at the moment […]


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