Tweeting for National Libraries Day

29 Jan

NLD_FBplusStrap-98x100National Libraries Day, Saturday 09/02/13

What do you use your library for? What does your library mean to you? Help GLTU to create an online snapshot of what goes on in Scotland’s libraries by tweeting the answers to these questions on National Libraries Day, or in the week running up to it. All sorts of libraries count (e.g. public, academic, special) and, if you are at work in a library on the day, or are self-employed, join in by tweeting about what you have done to help your users.

Please use the hashtag #nldScot so that we can gather the tweets together (in full or, if too many, as edited highlights) in an online document, probably Storify, which we hope will be the start of a larger project celebrating Scottish libraries. The official hashtag for the day is #nld13 so it would be useful to include this as well – if that makes your tweet too long, consider tweeting twice. It would be good to get both trending. Make sure you mention the word library or libraries and consider adding a picture to make your tweet even better – though if you include anyone else in it, you must have their permission. If you don’t want your photograph online, you could, for example, take a picture of your hand holding the books you have borrowed or a card saying what you did in the library, e.g. “I used the computers to search for information.” (For ideas, see Keith Pattinson’s photographs.)

For this to work, we need to spread the message as far as possible so please share the request with family, friends and colleagues and ask them to help too. They don’t have to be on Twitter – they could put information on blog posts, Instagram, Flickr etc and leave the links in the comments to this post. For those without any of those things, a simple comment below will do and this can be tweeted on their behalf.

Can’t wait to read what everyone gets up to – happy tweeting!


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  1. Anabel Marsh January 29, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    Reblogged this on A new library world? and commented:

    If you are in Scotland, please join in with this project for National Libraries Day.



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