Library Camp Glasgow

29 Oct
The Happy Campers All photos courtesy of Lynn Corrigan

The Happy Campers
All photos courtesy of Lynn Corrigan

Library Camp Glasgow took place on Saturday, 26th October at the Mitchell Library. About 55 people attended and, judging from the feedback, a great day was had by all. I don’t want to write too much here because there is fuller information on the Camp wiki where the sessions are listed and links to write-ups are being collected. I’ll also be adding write-ups on sessions to this blog when the authors don’t have anywhere of their own to post them. So, for now, a few pictures to capture the flavour of the day.

Library Camp was busy! Lots of groups avidly discussing library-related topics.

We had prizes! Andrew McDougall was voted the best Soapbox ranter, Mitchell staff chose Karen McAulay and Sheila Williams as owners of the best home-made name-badges and Katy Loudon won the Library Camp Bingo.

Library Camp had support from a variety of organisations – see the sponsorship page for full details – making it a completely free event. Thanks particularly to the Mitchell Library and staff for the venue and Swets, SLIC and SALCTG for catering.



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