Library Camp Glasgow: National Libraries Day

30 Oct

Sean McNamara of CILIPS and Anabel Marsh pitched a session about how to build on last year’s Storify from National Libraries Day and gather more attention and create a resource from NLD 2014 which happens on February 8th.

The following points were brought up in the discussion:

  • If we are to do any attention grabbing stunts such as a flash-mob we should involve library users as much as possible
  • We should be sure before creating any resource that we understand who our audience is – current users? Non users? Politicians?
  • We should look at ways that various libraries links to the community when planning NLD
  • More effort should be made to outline what happens on NLD in the lead up
  • Dundee last year asked people questions, used placards and got individual stories from people. A national version of this could work well and the Dundee examples could be followed up in more depth
  • The planning for NLD is difficult if library cuts are recent or on-going
  • Academic libraries could become involved by more promotion of their local public library and vice versa. Not just books but e-resources can complement each other.
  • Find a way to use Wikimedia on NLD
  • Attention grabbing events like Midlothian pole-fitness or something like a library sleepover can get press attention
  • Emphasise literacy e.g. in prison libraries (Saughton)
  • Ask your users. Use regulars as champions. What would bring your pals in? Teenagers transformed Sighthill
  • A library swap – staff from different types of library promote their service or work in another library for the day
  • Murder mystery events worked well in England last year
  • Fun should be a key word

It was decided the following tasks would be carried out to develop plans further:

  • #NLDScot would start to be used right away and promotion started early in other ways. This allows for national buy-in and ideas for fun events to be submitted as well as activities across all types of libraries. Events should add value for users but raise profile for the press. Heads of service to be contacted
  • One question – all libraries that are involved would be asked to pose a question to users about why their library is important. If every library can generate at least one story (with accompanying photo with placard where appropriate) then these could be gathered on the CILIPS website and be a lasting resource
  • A webpage with advice and information could be set up also before the day (CILIPS?)
  • A one-off attention grabbing stunt could gather more press attention in the lead up – ideas to be submitted via #NLDScot

So – over to you! What are your ideas for National Libraries Day? Leave a comment below, tweet using #NLDScot or feel free to contact Sean (@SeanieMac24) or Anabel (@AnabelMarsh; directly.


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