National Public Libraries Festival

26 Jun

A message from Sue Lawson:

We’re pleased to announce that the National Public Libraries Festival – our first celebration of all-things public library – has launched a call for funding over at Crowdfunder.

The first ever national public libraries festival will be a day long celebration of the creativity and innovation happening in public libraries. The one-day public libraries festival, set to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act, will bring together an exciting programme of interactive workshops, engaging discussions, fun events, live music and theatre and much more.

We aim to:

  • attract a new audience into the library and inspire them to become library users
  • confound perceptions of libraries as places of limited appeal or outdated institutions with limited lifespans
  • inspire library staff and drive change in the ways libraries are presented to the non-using public
  • focus on exciting future possibilities

If you support public libraries I urge you to donate to the Crowdfunder appeal and support the festival – a brand new event to positively promote the strength and dynamism of public libraries at a time when many are under threat. It also has the potential to widen our audience and convert non users. It will also be a brilliant day out! Now who can argue with that?

If you are interested in becoming a Public Library Festival corporate or institutional sponsor, please contact Sue Lawson or Richard Veevers at

Keep up to date by following the #PubLibFest hashtag on Twitter, bookmarking our blog, or following LibraryCamp on Twitter and Facebook.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to help!

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