Library Camp Glasgow

Library Camp 2Library Camp Glasgow 2, Mitchell Library  08/11/14

After the success of the first Library Camp Glasgow in 2013, GLTU decided to follow the same recipe in 2014 and Library Camp Glasgow 2 took place on 8th November.

A Library Camp is:

  • A user-generated unconference
  • Open to anyone interested in libraries
  • Free to attend

Library Camp Glasgow had:

  • The  Library Camp Glasgow Wiki with full details of the day’s events, including the competitions below. There are also write-up pages for both 2013 and 2014.
  • A badge competition. This was won by Sharron Wilson and Karly Walters-Smith.
  • Human Bingo, won by AnnetteThain.
  • MmITS Minute of Madness. Last year’s Soapbox rants stretched from rare books and manuscripts to e-content, with a few detours along the way. This year, MmITS donated a Kindle Fire as the prize, so we renamed the feature in their honour. Jennifer Higgins won with “Covering gender bias in representations of the female librarian – a poetic quip about the perils (or should that be pearls?) of image stereotypes.”

GLTU is grateful to the following organisations who supported this event:


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