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Library Camp Glasgow 2014

10 Nov
Mitchell Library

Mitchell Library


The second Library Camp Glasgow took place at the Mitchell Library on Saturday, 8th November 2014. 36 people attended, took part in competitions, listened to rants (or ranted) and discussed a variety of topics. Here’s how the day unfolded:

Badge Competition

Everyone was invited to bring their own name-badges, with prizes for the best, and entrants were photographed as they arrived. There were some very creative efforts!

Human Bingo

To get everyone talking, the day kicked off with Human Bingo with the incentive of a prize draw for the completed bingo sheets.

MmITS Minute of Madness

This was a chance to vent a burning passion or frustration about libraries, librarianship or a related topic, with 60 seconds to get the point across in a mad rant. It was sponsored by MmITS who generously donated a Kindle Fire as the prize. Thanks to the four entrants, Sharron, Jennifer, Karen and Fiona, for taking part.


The main event was, of course, the sessions. At a Library Camp, these are pitched by participants and a timetable is made up on the day. There were sessions on CILIP Registration, Innovative user education, Internet privacy, Advocacy, CILIPS West, Do you practice what you preach?, 23 Librarians live, and Cross-network collaboration. Two groups also toured the Mitchell Library. Some sessions have already been written up and I hope more will be added – check the Event Writeups page on the Library Camp wiki, which also lists links to some of the sites recommended during the day.


So who won all the lovely prizes? We finished up with the prizegiving. Jennifer Higgins won the MmITS Kindle Fire with her rant “Covering gender bias in representations of the female librarian – a poetic quip about the perils (or should that be pearls?) of image stereotypes.” All other prizes were sponsored by CILIPS – Annette Thain won a book and CDs when her name was drawn from the completed bingo sheets and Sharron Wilson and Karly Walters-Smith won Tunnock’s goodies for the best badges. These were independently judged by desk staff at the Mitchell who gave it a lot of thought before choosing their two favourites.


Library Camp Glasgow was a completely free event, for which I am indebted to its sponsors. I’ve already mentioned the prizes donated by MmITS and CILIPS.  CILIPS also provided the goody bags, seen here being investigated by an unexpected guest, and librarians do not run on empty stomachs, so thanks also to SALCTG for morning refreshments and SLIC for lunch. Thanks to Glasgow Life for use of the Mitchell for the second year and to library staff Kirsten McCormick, Lisa Powell and Elaine Thomson for all their help.

All photographs, except for the view of the Mitchell entrance atop this post and the (so delicious) chocolate muffins above, are courtesy of Lynn Corrigan. Thanks to her too and, of course, thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great day.



Library Camp Glasgow 2

23 Sep

Library Camp 2

I’m delighted to say that the second Library Camp Glasgow (#libcampgla) will be taking place at the Mitchell Library on Saturday, 8th November. I’m very grateful to the Mitchell for hosting this again. Full details are available on the Library Camp Glasgow wiki and bookings are now open on Eventbrite. Attendance is completely free. For those of you who have not been to a Library Camp before, it is an “unconference” which is entirely user-generated – the programme is decided on the day from session pitches proposed by attendees. This makes it very participatory and I’d urge as many of you as possible to think of a topic on which you would be willing to lead a discussion. (NB Library Camp is a non-tech, PowerPoint-free zone.) You can pitch in advance on the wiki (username and password will be supplied when you book) or at the beginning of Camp – the wiki has examples of previous pitches and write-ups of some of last years sessions to help you.

Library Camp has prizes! Last year’s Soapbox feature has been renamed the MmITS Minute of Madness in honour of the prize sponsor – MmITS has generously donated a Kindle Fire for the best contribution. Do you have a library-related peeve or passion that you can rant about for 60 seconds? Sign up on the wiki for a chance to win this amazing prize. There will also be prizes for the best home-made name badges, so time to get crafting! Last year, this was VERY competitive and took off on Twitter as the #greatbritishbadgeoff. Once again, examples from last year of both these competitions are on the wiki.

Morning refreshments, sponsored by SALCTG, and lunch, sponsored by SLIC, will be available. Many thanks to them for their help.

Finally, please let me know of any special requirements, e.g. access or diet, after you have booked. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to seeing some of you at Library Camp – and please help with publicity if you can by circulating this information to your own networks.

Library Camp and #GLTU12 News

24 Feb

1. Library Camp. Library Camp Glasgow will return to the Mitchell Library this autumn – the date is Saturday, 8th November. In the meantime, there is School Library Camp Scotland on 14th June for those of you interested.

2. #GLTU12 / CILIPS West event. Travelling Librarians is on Wednesday, 12th March at Glasgow Caledonian. As the recipient of the CILIP / ESU Travelling Librarian Award for 2013, Glasgow Libraries’ Kirsten McCormick spent a month travelling around Australian libraries researching ways in which they record major sporting events and their legacies for the social record. In 2012 Michael Charlton spent 5 months in Zapallal, Peru, where he created a library and learning centre for the 40 children, aged 5-18, who live in the Project Peru children’s refuge. Come and hear Kirsten and Michael talk about their experiences, and find out from Kirsten how to apply for this year’s Award. Refreshments and Registration will be available from 15.30 with the event starting at 16.00. If there is sufficient interest, a traditional Glasgow Library Tweetup Curry will be organised after 18.00 – you are welcome to sign up for the curry alone if you are unable to make the event. There is no need to be on Twitter to join in, but if you are this is #GLTU12. Follow the link for further information and to book for both event and curry.

3. 23 Librarians. You might have read about this new project in the recent CILIPS newsletter. 23 Librarians is a blog to record snapshots of Scotland’s library and information world. 23 different bloggers will describe what attracted them into the profession and give an insight into a typical day in their current post. I hope that this will be useful to people considering a career in libraries, Library School students wondering what sector to look for work in, Chartership candidates looking for wider professional knowledge, people considering a move between sectors – and basically anyone with an interest in finding out what librarians and information professionals do. I have received enough submissions to start at the beginning of March – to follow the blog, if you don’t use WordPress or an RSS reader yourself, click on the “Follow by Email” button at the right hand side. Contributions are still needed to get to 23 (and beyond if the interest is there) so please get in touch if you’d like to know more about sharing your own experience. You can comment on either blog, tweet me at @AnabelMarsh or complete the form on the “About” page of 23 Librarians.

4. Glasgow Library CPD Passport. At its early stages in planning, and unlikely to go much further till 23 Librarians is off the ground, but watch this space! With Clare Hemsworth, Jessie Linardi Nicol and Sharon Lawler I have been discussing an idea to draw up a set of routes of libraries in Glasgow that could comfortably be visited in a day (something like the Shoogle we did for NLD a couple of years ago, but going beyond the Subway). We’d provide information such as opening hours, who to contact and so on, to take some of the work away from chartership candidates or anyone else wishing to set up visits. It might even be a proper passport you can download and get stamped in each library – we’re unfeasibly excited by that idea!

5. National Libraries Day. Talking of NLD, if you haven’t seen them, there are links to Storifies Parts 1 and 2 and a gallery of photographs on the CILIPS webpage.

More news on all these projects soon.


Library Camp Glasgow

29 Oct
The Happy Campers All photos courtesy of Lynn Corrigan

The Happy Campers
All photos courtesy of Lynn Corrigan

Library Camp Glasgow took place on Saturday, 26th October at the Mitchell Library. About 55 people attended and, judging from the feedback, a great day was had by all. I don’t want to write too much here because there is fuller information on the Camp wiki where the sessions are listed and links to write-ups are being collected. I’ll also be adding write-ups on sessions to this blog when the authors don’t have anywhere of their own to post them. So, for now, a few pictures to capture the flavour of the day.

Library Camp was busy! Lots of groups avidly discussing library-related topics.

We had prizes! Andrew McDougall was voted the best Soapbox ranter, Mitchell staff chose Karen McAulay and Sheila Williams as owners of the best home-made name-badges and Katy Loudon won the Library Camp Bingo.

Library Camp had support from a variety of organisations – see the sponsorship page for full details – making it a completely free event. Thanks particularly to the Mitchell Library and staff for the venue and Swets, SLIC and SALCTG for catering.


#GLTU8: Behind the Scenes at the Mitchell Library

22 Mar

What a fabulous tour Myra Paterson put on for her band of 12 library explorers on Wednesday. We oohed and aahed at old things and new things, we laughed at Myra’s patter and almost cried when looking at the Leningrad Album, a token of friendship between Scottish and Russian women in the Second World War. Myra’s colleague, Susan Taylor, gave us a wonderful introduction to that. For a history of the Mitchell I can do no better than direct you to its own website, and Lynn Corrigan has already written such a good blogpost on the visit that I feel I can’t add to it – thanks for saving me a job, Lynn! However, I’ve created a Storify of #GLTU tweets, many containing pictures, and added a few more photographs below. Thank you so much, Myra and Susan.

Four of us headed off to the Koh-I-Noor for a curry afterwards, then staggered home happy and replete.

PS Update – another great blogpost on the event from Helen MacKinven.

#GLTU8 open for booking: Behind the scenes at the Mitchell 20th March

28 Feb

The next GLTU will take place on Wednesday, 20th March at 4pm. Thanks to Myra Paterson (@MyraCPaterson) and her colleague, Susan Taylor, we will have a tour behind the scenes of the Mitchell. This will take about 1.5 – 2 hours and, as is now traditional, those who wish to stay on can follow up with a curry at the Koh-I-Noor at 6pm. Booking is now open on Evenbrite (you can book for either or both) until Sunday, 17th March. Places are limited to 15, so hurry!

The highlight of the Mitchell visit will undoubtedly be a viewing of the Leningrad Album from World War 2, which is not usually on public view. Here’s a description from Susan, followed by a few sites to check for further information:

The Anglo-Soviet Aid Committee in Airdrie and Coatbridge had an active women’s section and they decided to send messages of support and solidarity to the women of Leningrad during the siege. The ‘Scottish Album’ was taken to London and given to Madame Maisky, the wife of the Soviet ambassador. Given wartime censorship, no further details are available of how the album made its way to Leningrad. It could have been transported on a convoy ship to Murmansk or Archangel, by air or even by overland via the Southern states of Russia. Once it has arrived in Russia, there were only two ways in to the city – either by air on one of the very few flights that made it into Leningrad or (more likely) across Lake Ladoga, the main route in to the city during the siege. The journey could be made by boat in summer or over the ‘ice road’ in winter. The Leningrad Album was sent in return – it was supervised by Anna Petrovna Ostramova-Lebedeva, a well-known graphic artist in the city. It’s boxed in gold brocade and the album cover is decorated with an ancient embroidery from the Russian Museum in Leningrad. There are 3,200 signatures and it also contains messages and photos of housewives and workers and their children in happier times.

Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser

Glasgow Herald

Pat’s Guide




UK in Russia


Notes from #GLTU7

23 Jan

For the first GLTU of 2013, thirteen people came to the Mitchell last Wednesday for a lively discussion about future plans. We talked about the possibility of running a Library Camp in Scotland, for which there was definite enthusiasm, and discussed ideas for more GLTUs. A few suggestions were added to those already put forward in the previous post i.e. Cornton Vale, Scottish Parliament (SPICe) and Glasgow School of Art (Mackintosh Library) and most people said they found the current pattern of a late afternoon meeting followed by a social event easiest to attend. Watch this space for news on both these topics.


As it is coming up on 9th February, and therefore urgent, we spent most of the time on National Libraries Day. Again, some ideas had already been proposed and a library flash mob attracted interest and discussion, with some people enthusiastic and others not! However, it was agreed that there wasn’t time to organise one before NLD anyway, but we might pursue it for a future books / libraries celebration. Ken (@iusedtobealibra) suggested a collection of contemporary stories about Scottish libraries making a difference to people’s lives, both public and other e.g. academic / special. Similar things have been done elsewhere, e.g. Voices for the Library and Let’s Talk Libraries (Newcastle), which could serve as models, and we might also explore other online initiatives such as a week in the life of a library (see face Book for an example) or a Fifty people One Question video (multiple examples if you Google it). Again, it was agreed that we couldn’t do this in time for NLD and if we were to build up an online resource advocating for libraries we would need the support of CILIPS, plus people with relevant skills. (Cathy – @kearneycath – has since confirmed that CILIPS will be supportive, particularly as the President’s theme for 2013 is “Making a difference”.) On NLD itself, we can start by tweeting about the many activities going on in libraries, including photographs where possible, and if we set our own hashtag in addition to #NLD13 these can be preserved, e.g. as a Storify, and used to launch the wider idea. Catriona Stewart has written a supportive article about libraries in the Herald and might be willing give us some publicity. So how does this affect YOU? Well, if this is to succeed, we will need everyone to help, both by tweeting on the day (or the week running up to the 9th) and by spreading the word to colleagues, family and friends who could also tweet about their use of libraries. More information will follow very soon.

After all that talking, some of us had built up an appetite! Eight of us trooped off to the Koh-I-Noor and enjoyed an excellent curry to round off the evening.

Announcing #GLTU7

3 Jan

HNYIt’s 2013 and time for the next GLTU! This will take place on Wednesday, 16th January and a sign-up form is now available. The first part of the event is a planning meeting in the Stirling Room of the Mitchell Library at 4.30pm. We’re looking for ideas and suggestions for the 2013 programme of informal tweetups and National Libraries Day celebrations and to explore the idea of a Library Camp Scotland. The meeting should be over by 5.30pm, when we will again visit the Koh-I-Noor for a curry (5.45pm) – we had a very good meal there after GLTU6. As before the meeting is free but you pay for own meal, and please sign up for each part of the event separately – it’s perfectly fine to come to either or both. To make booking a table easier, it would be helpful to have sign-ups for the curry by Monday 14th at the latest.

In my last post, I posed some questions and outlined a few ideas already mooted. A reminder of what was said:

What sort of events would you like for future GLTUs? What could we do for National Libraries Day? Is a Library Camp Scotland feasible in 2013? Here are some ideas we already thought of  – can you do better?

Visits – behind the scenes at the Mitchell; the BBC; Glasgow Women’s Library (again) after it has moved to Bridgeton, combined with the new Bridgeton Public Library; the Panopticon.

NLD – a Twitter quiz; a library flash mob with fliers to hand out and (possibly) a sponsor; something charitable, e.g. raising money for the project in Peru that Michael Charlton (@sololibrarian) worked with.

If you think of anything before the meeting, please add a comment below or tweet me @anabelmarsh. It would also be helpful if you could tweet about the event (use the hashtag #GLTU7), or use any other means of publicity you can think of which might reach new people. See you on the 16th!

PS – a useful suggestion from Lynn Corrigan – if you have time, arrive early to see the George Wylie exhibition which is on in the Main Hall of the Mitchell. Stunning!

GLTU news

19 Dec

Happy Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and I know GLTU is probably not uppermost in anyone’s mind. However, there is some news I would like to share. First of all, we have two GLTU babies! Clare Thompson (@Clareenough) is now Mum to Zoey and Shayna Conn (@ShaynaC1) to Adi Maple, born on 4th December. Congratulations to both.

Second, plans are afoot for #GLTU7 in January – thanks to discussions with Cathy (@catskearney), Gillian (@gillanhanlon) and Myra (@MyraCPaterson), it has been arranged for Wednesday, 16th January. The intention is to make this a planning meeting for the rest of the year, so please put the date in your diary and come to the Stirling Room at the Mitchell Library from 4.30-5.30pm. We’ll then move on, as before, to eat, drink and be merry (should have recovered from Christmas by then).

More details and a sign-up will follow in the New Year – however, in the meantime, you could give some thought to the following: What sort of events would you like for future GLTUs? What could we do for National Libraries Day? Is a Library Camp Scotland feasible in 2013? Here are some ideas we already thought of – can you do better?

Visits – behind the scenes at the Mitchell; the BBC; Glasgow Women’s Library (again) after it has moved to Bridgeton, combined with the new Bridgeton Public Library; the Panopticon.

NLD – a Twitter quiz; a library flash mob with fliers to hand out and (possibly) a sponsor; something charitable, e.g. raising money for the project in Peru that Michael Charlton (@sololibrarian) worked with.

Comments on the above and additional ideas are very welcome – you can leave a comment here, email me or tweet @AnabelMarsh. And of course, please do come along on the 16th. This time last year GLTU did not exist – in 2012 we had six events, so here’s to being bigger and better in 2013. All the best to everyone for the holiday season, and see you next year.

Announcing #GLTU6: the Edinburgh Book Sculptures, Friday 12/10/12

12 Sep

In 2011, ten mysterious book sculptures were discovered in various Edinburgh venues, the first and last appearing in the Scottish Poetry Library which has now, in conjunction with Edinburgh’s UNESCO City of Literature Trust, arranged a tour of Scotland for them. All ten will be displayed in public together for the first time at libraries across the country (as well as at the Wigtown Book Festival).

The tour is called Gifted : The Edinburgh Book Sculptures on Tour 2012 and it will arrive at the Mitchell Library next month. For more about the tour, see this Vimeo or the SPL’s event page on Facebook. Busy Thistle has left this account of visiting the exhibition in Dundee. If tweeting about it, use the hashtag #GiftEDtour.

GLTU6 will consist of a visit to the exhibition at 4pm on Friday, 12th October and we will be joined by Abby Cunnane from the Scottish Poetry Library (@byleaveswelive) and Peggy Hughes from the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust who will give us added insight into the sculptures and how they were found – it’s interesting, for example, that each sculpture was originally addressed to the Twitter account of the receiving organisation.

For the visit, please meet at the Granville Street entrance to the Mitchell just before 4. For those who want to socialise afterwards, we will adjourn to the nearby Koh-I-Noor at 5.15 for drinks and a curry (pre-theatre menu, £9.95 for 3 courses) – if you can’t make the exhibition, you’re welcome to join us for those. A sign-up is available for both events (you can choose to attend either or both) and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

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