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Library Camp and #GLTU12 News

24 Feb

1. Library Camp. Library Camp Glasgow will return to the Mitchell Library this autumn – the date is Saturday, 8th November. In the meantime, there is School Library Camp Scotland on 14th June for those of you interested.

2. #GLTU12 / CILIPS West event. Travelling Librarians is on Wednesday, 12th March at Glasgow Caledonian. As the recipient of the CILIP / ESU Travelling Librarian Award for 2013, Glasgow Libraries’ Kirsten McCormick spent a month travelling around Australian libraries researching ways in which they record major sporting events and their legacies for the social record. In 2012 Michael Charlton spent 5 months in Zapallal, Peru, where he created a library and learning centre for the 40 children, aged 5-18, who live in the Project Peru children’s refuge. Come and hear Kirsten and Michael talk about their experiences, and find out from Kirsten how to apply for this year’s Award. Refreshments and Registration will be available from 15.30 with the event starting at 16.00. If there is sufficient interest, a traditional Glasgow Library Tweetup Curry will be organised after 18.00 – you are welcome to sign up for the curry alone if you are unable to make the event. There is no need to be on Twitter to join in, but if you are this is #GLTU12. Follow the link for further information and to book for both event and curry.

3. 23 Librarians. You might have read about this new project in the recent CILIPS newsletter. 23 Librarians is a blog to record snapshots of Scotland’s library and information world. 23 different bloggers will describe what attracted them into the profession and give an insight into a typical day in their current post. I hope that this will be useful to people considering a career in libraries, Library School students wondering what sector to look for work in, Chartership candidates looking for wider professional knowledge, people considering a move between sectors – and basically anyone with an interest in finding out what librarians and information professionals do. I have received enough submissions to start at the beginning of March – to follow the blog, if you don’t use WordPress or an RSS reader yourself, click on the “Follow by Email” button at the right hand side. Contributions are still needed to get to 23 (and beyond if the interest is there) so please get in touch if you’d like to know more about sharing your own experience. You can comment on either blog, tweet me at @AnabelMarsh or complete the form on the “About” page of 23 Librarians.

4. Glasgow Library CPD Passport. At its early stages in planning, and unlikely to go much further till 23 Librarians is off the ground, but watch this space! With Clare Hemsworth, Jessie Linardi Nicol and Sharon Lawler I have been discussing an idea to draw up a set of routes of libraries in Glasgow that could comfortably be visited in a day (something like the Shoogle we did for NLD a couple of years ago, but going beyond the Subway). We’d provide information such as opening hours, who to contact and so on, to take some of the work away from chartership candidates or anyone else wishing to set up visits. It might even be a proper passport you can download and get stamped in each library – we’re unfeasibly excited by that idea!

5. National Libraries Day. Talking of NLD, if you haven’t seen them, there are links to Storifies Parts 1 and 2 and a gallery of photographs on the CILIPS webpage.

More news on all these projects soon.


Library Camp Glasgow: National Libraries Day

30 Oct

Sean McNamara of CILIPS and Anabel Marsh pitched a session about how to build on last year’s Storify from National Libraries Day and gather more attention and create a resource from NLD 2014 which happens on February 8th.

The following points were brought up in the discussion:

  • If we are to do any attention grabbing stunts such as a flash-mob we should involve library users as much as possible
  • We should be sure before creating any resource that we understand who our audience is – current users? Non users? Politicians?
  • We should look at ways that various libraries links to the community when planning NLD
  • More effort should be made to outline what happens on NLD in the lead up
  • Dundee last year asked people questions, used placards and got individual stories from people. A national version of this could work well and the Dundee examples could be followed up in more depth
  • The planning for NLD is difficult if library cuts are recent or on-going
  • Academic libraries could become involved by more promotion of their local public library and vice versa. Not just books but e-resources can complement each other.
  • Find a way to use Wikimedia on NLD
  • Attention grabbing events like Midlothian pole-fitness or something like a library sleepover can get press attention
  • Emphasise literacy e.g. in prison libraries (Saughton)
  • Ask your users. Use regulars as champions. What would bring your pals in? Teenagers transformed Sighthill
  • A library swap – staff from different types of library promote their service or work in another library for the day
  • Murder mystery events worked well in England last year
  • Fun should be a key word

It was decided the following tasks would be carried out to develop plans further:

  • #NLDScot would start to be used right away and promotion started early in other ways. This allows for national buy-in and ideas for fun events to be submitted as well as activities across all types of libraries. Events should add value for users but raise profile for the press. Heads of service to be contacted
  • One question – all libraries that are involved would be asked to pose a question to users about why their library is important. If every library can generate at least one story (with accompanying photo with placard where appropriate) then these could be gathered on the CILIPS website and be a lasting resource
  • A webpage with advice and information could be set up also before the day (CILIPS?)
  • A one-off attention grabbing stunt could gather more press attention in the lead up – ideas to be submitted via #NLDScot

So – over to you! What are your ideas for National Libraries Day? Leave a comment below, tweet using #NLDScot or feel free to contact Sean (@SeanieMac24) or Anabel (@AnabelMarsh; anabelmarshATgooglemail.com) directly.

National Libraries Day in Dundee

11 Mar

Kevin McGinley, Library Information Worker and Social Media Admin for Leisure and Culture Dundee Libraries, has written this guest post on how @dundeelibraries created their contribution to our National Libraries Day Storify.

My first library cardImage used with permission of @dundeelibraries

My first library card
Image used with permission of @dundeelibraries

National Libraries Day on 9 February 2013 was a culmination of a week’s worth of celebrations in school, college, university, workplace and public libraries across the UK. Our involvement began when we were asked by Anabel Marsh of Glasgow Library Tweetups if we would like to take part in a Libraries takeover on Twitter. It seemed a great concept and we quickly decided to take up the challenge. We were inspired by the fantastic faceBOOK project by photographer Keith Pattison and decided to use this as the inspiration to tweet similar photos throughout the day. We have to say we were a bit nervous about how our customers would react to having their photos broadcast all over the world, but we need not have worried as almost everyone we spoke to was keen to take part.

After a bit of planning and admin (gaining permission via photo consent forms etc) we soon set about snapping customers as they visited our libraries, asking them what they loved and why they were visiting their library. We tried to get a broad spectrum of activities photographed and hopefully we managed to give a nice flavour of what we offer in terms of Library services. Yes, books and reading are core but it doesn’t do any harm to show that libraries are involved in wide range of activities from Pram Pushing Groups to Video Games Coding Workshops for young people.

We decided to schedule some of our tweets in advance via Hootsuite, just in case we were overwhelmed on the day. This worked well as we scheduled tweets every 30 mins and mixed them in with live tweets. We had retweets and replies from all over the UK and it was brilliant to see #nld13 as the top trending topic on Twitter. What was also great was the feel-good factor it created in our own libraries as lots of staff got involved in the lead up, snapping photos on their mobile phone as the chance arose. Special thanks go to Jacque, one of our Library and Information Assistants who, as Tinned Tomatoes, doubles as a very successful food writer and blogger in her spare time. Jacque took photos, and also helped tweet on the day ensuring the success of the project.

If anyone is thinking of trying this type of project in their Libraries, the best advice we can give is just go for it. It’s great fun! You can view the full set of photos we used on the day on our Facebook page.

National Libraries Day in Scotland

11 Feb

Instead of having an event for National Libraries Day this year, GLTU decided to create a Twitter snapshot of Scottish libraries – what people use them for and why they value them. After much tweeting and retweeting, we got a great response. It’s obviously not comprehensive, but we have a geographical spread from Orkney down to Dumfries and Galloway and representatives of public, academic, school and special libraries, so there’s pretty broad coverage. There are cute kids, a dog, a cat (cheated a bit on that one) and cake – what’s not to love? Head off to the Storify to see the full results – it’s too long to embed, but here’s Strathclyde’s NLD cake as a taster. (Too late to taste literally, I fear).


Tweeting for National Libraries Day

29 Jan

NLD_FBplusStrap-98x100National Libraries Day, Saturday 09/02/13

What do you use your library for? What does your library mean to you? Help GLTU to create an online snapshot of what goes on in Scotland’s libraries by tweeting the answers to these questions on National Libraries Day, or in the week running up to it. All sorts of libraries count (e.g. public, academic, special) and, if you are at work in a library on the day, or are self-employed, join in by tweeting about what you have done to help your users.

Please use the hashtag #nldScot so that we can gather the tweets together (in full or, if too many, as edited highlights) in an online document, probably Storify, which we hope will be the start of a larger project celebrating Scottish libraries. The official hashtag for the day is #nld13 so it would be useful to include this as well – if that makes your tweet too long, consider tweeting twice. It would be good to get both trending. Make sure you mention the word library or libraries and consider adding a picture to make your tweet even better – though if you include anyone else in it, you must have their permission. If you don’t want your photograph online, you could, for example, take a picture of your hand holding the books you have borrowed or a card saying what you did in the library, e.g. “I used the computers to search for information.” (For ideas, see Keith Pattinson’s photographs.)

For this to work, we need to spread the message as far as possible so please share the request with family, friends and colleagues and ask them to help too. They don’t have to be on Twitter – they could put information on blog posts, Instagram, Flickr etc and leave the links in the comments to this post. For those without any of those things, a simple comment below will do and this can be tweeted on their behalf.

Can’t wait to read what everyone gets up to – happy tweeting!

National Libraries Day

25 Mar

Getting ready to shoogle

The next outing for the #GLTU gang was on National Libraries Day in February. We planned a tour of Glasgow libraries by Subway – variously known as Library Subcrawl, In the Loop, Glasgow Librarithon and #NLDshoogle. If you don’t understand any of those terms, you’ll need to read our post on the NLD site or one of the write-ups below from:

Anabel (@anabelmarsh)

Cathy (@cathysliccilips)

Isabel (@amusedmusings)

Kathleen (@kathleenoneill)

Lauren (@walkyouhome)

Lynn (@lynncorrigan)

Once again, if I’ve missed out anybody’s contribution please let me know in the comments.

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