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#GLTU3 – courtesy of Credo Reference

27 Mar

After we started these tweetups, I was contacted by Anne Kail (@Anne_Kail) of Credo Reference (@CredoReference) inviting us to take part in the events she was organising as part of the UKSG conference, which is currently taking place in Glasgow. There was an early bird tweetup on Sunday night at Babbity Bowster – a rather fine Glasgow institution:



The following night, there was a reception in the Winter Gardens at the People’s Palace on Glasgow Green. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out before I could get a picture of the Gardens but here is the Palace (actually a museum) and the gloriously restored fountain:



As you can see, Glasgow put its best face on for visitors, with previously unheard of sunny weather for March. Only a few GLTU folk made it to the event (three on Sunday and four on Monday), but those who did enjoyed it. Thanks very much to Anne for inviting us.

PS Updated now with a photo from Cathy of inside the Winter Gardens.


PPS Just found a link to the official Credo Reference blog of the event. And I do believe that’s me and Cathy with our backs to the camera in the bottom photograph!

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